Month: December, 2012

46: Success


DSC_1078(photos by me)

success → beauty standards → skin → lips → eyes → foundation → mascara → eyeliner → eyeshadow → lipstick → opposite → clean → plain → blank

45: Success


DSC_1146(photos by me)

success → achievement → work → effort → weight → body image → size → shape → form → idealistic → unachievable → underweight → eating disorders → Barbie

44: Success

Scanned Image 24(photo taken by and developed by me, scanned in to computer)

When I thought about the directive “Success” and the Barbie brand I really think about how much it affects girls and what they feel is successful when looked at through the perspective of society. To be successful you think you have to look a certain way and make a certain amount of money and have the perfect man or any of these things that people believe they need to have achieved expectations. But all of these things are a part of growing as a person, becoming an adult and becoming who you truly are. I decided to take a literal route when I got this far in to thought and took a photo with my 35mm camera of the roots of a plant growing in the water. I developed the film and then the photograph in a darkroom.


49: Reflect

Scanned Image 23(photo taken and developed by me, scanned in to computer for upload)

So one of the things that came to my mind when I thought about the directive “reflect” was glass. Another thing that I think of when I think of reflecting on like a past event, maybe a little nostalgia, is a nice glass of wine. I took photos of wine glasses after they’d been used and were laying in the sink with my 35mm camera. I then developed the film and then developed the photos in a darkroom. This is one that I liked how it turned out well enough to post it for my project. It relates to the Barbie brand in that when you get nostalgic about your childhood, especially for girls, Barbie dolls come to mind.


43: Success


DSC_1076(made and photographed by me)

success → art → pottery → create → make → final product → appreciate → good → beauty → Barbie

Well for me success is when I do something or create something that I actually like. Here’s a piece of pottery I made that I’m fairly satisfied with that I just finished this week.

48: Reflect

So to reflect on all of Project 54 AKA Project 49, here is a video of my friends choreographed dance to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

47: Reflect

Scanned Image 1


42: Success

Scanned Image