Month: October, 2012

28: Neptune

(made and photographed by me)

Neptune → space → solar system → planets → size → massive → shape → circle → round → body → stomach → fat → Barbie → belly → round objects → seasonal → Halloween → pumpkin

The shape of the planet Neptune inspired me to change the shape of Barbie which is really cliché and done but instead of just making her fat I just replaced her entire midsection with a pumpkin. I carved out the inside of the pumpkin and then popped off all of Barbie’s limbs and attached them. Her head is still attached to her body and I just stuck it all the way through the pumpkin. It’s really weird to me because the pumpkin is the exact same height as her actual plastic torso. Her legs seem so disproportional and weird when her abdomen is a pumpkin but in reality, they’re just as disproportionate to her original plastic body. Barbie now has a change of body shape but is also pretty creepy to go along with the holiday spirit.

31: Catalyst

(created by me)

catalyst → reaction → change → progress → improvement → equality → Barbie → women → feminism → zine

I’m going to make a little zine as part of my Project 54 posts. Some will be multiple pages in one post but others will be separated in to other posts and directives. It will focus on women’s equality and progress. This is the cover!

17: Opposite

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 5.54.24 PM

I made this header for my blog because it portrays both the perfectly pink and glamorous side of Barbie but then the opposing negative side where the Barbie brand makes girls believe they need to look and act a certain way to reach the gender norms and beauty standards that have been set for them by the American society we live in. I made this in photoshop which I’ve never worked in before but ended up with a result I was pretty pleased with after quite a few tries and google searches.

30: Catalyst

(photo by me)

catalyst → reaction → substance → chemical → drugs → increased speed → cocaine → snort → Barbie

25: Engineer

Barbie → girls → hormones → neurotransmitters → emotions → smiling → chemicals → catalyst structure → brain → norephinephrine → serotonin → dopamine → endorphins → moods → happiness → constant → permanent

Happiness is chemicals in your brain. Barbie either has a naturally high amount of these substances in her brain, she’s medicated, or constantly on drugs. Or maybe she has another chemical in her brain that nobody else has. Or maybe nothing is in her head at all because she’s a fucking doll. But I still feel like she’s mocking me with the smile on her face.

15: Opposite

(images from google arranged by me)

Barbie → brand → “good girl” → ideal → proper → perfect → maintain appearance → opposite → smoking → cigarettes

14: Opposite


27: Neptune

Neptune → Ronald Jenkees → journey → voyage → adventure → space  → travel →  planet → blue → ice → cold → hydrogen → helium → toxic → uninhabitable last → farthest → alone → peace → sleep → dream

The directive being “Neptune” immediately made me think of this song which is one of my favorites as of late. Making such an immediate connection with something that already exists kind of threw me off when it came to thinking of something new. But I do think anybody, including Barbie, could fall asleep and this be the song that is playing in the background when she goes on a adventure through space to the planet Neptune in her dreams.

12: Quintessence

  • Lightening Cream – $30
  • Developer – $18
  • Chi Oil – $20
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – $35
  • Demi Color Toner – $8
  • Hair Tools – $14

I am a natural brunette but have been bleaching my hair platinum blonde for almost 5 years now. Staying blonde is not easy and it is super expensive. I have my roots done on average once a month and wash my hair only once a week and condition and do treatments around 3 times a week. To buy all of the products i need to do my hair I spend a total of $125 in one trip to the store. All of these products are necessary maintenance to stay Barbie bleached blonde without my hair looking like fried hay. My developer, shampoo, conditioner, and chi oil lasts for maybe 3 months and 1 tube of lightening cream lasts barely 2 sessions. So on average I spend $292 a year on developer, chi oil, shampoo and conditioner and I spend $96 a year on demi color toner and $180 a year on lightening cream. This totals $568 a year on these products alone. Add in the other items I buy for upkeep I would say I spend about $650 a year on hair products. My sister is a cosmetologist so I do not have to pay to get my hair done, if I did go to a salon once a month it would be on average $75 each time. This would add $900 to my annual hair budget. This puts me at spending around $1,550 a year for no other reason than to be bleach blonde.

With this money I could instead:

  1. Pay 1/3 of a semester of college at VCU
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Purchase 6,200 packets of Ramen Noodles
  4. Feed 31 children in Africa for a year
  5. Invest it
  6. Fill my Jeep up with gas 28 times which would last 9 months
  7. Buy a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese every day for a year
  8. Buy 8 sheep for a needy rural family
  9. Plant 1,000 trees in American forests
  10. Buy 2,657 cans of PBR

13: Opposite

(photo by me)

Barbie → perfect → ideal → standard → fits the norm → heterosexuality → straight → Ken → opposite → gay → lesbian