20: Sandwich

by sallyirene

(photography by me)

This post is pretty late for when the directive was given but I have a lot of individual projects that were much longer term than one week just because of the mediums used and my access to resources. For this post I reflected on my original brainstorm on the directive of “sandwich” and what was really simple but stood out to me is the idea of layers. This doesn’t stray very far from the original topic itself but my effort was really applied in the actual process of making my final product. This began by me simply taking photos with a regular old 35mm camera. I took pictures from nature because they relate to beauty and growth and therefore the Barbie brand. Then I developed these photos and chose which single photograph I wanted to work with. Then I transferred the photo on to a textured paper. This involves coating the image with transfer medium on to the paper and then letting it sit in water for around 20 minutes. Then you remove the paper and peel away the original paper from the photo and let it dry. You can fix the image on to the surface with more transfer medium.