40: Identity

by sallyirene

When thinking about “The ID” and identity, I think about the harder side of it, like not knowing who you really are or what you really want in life. They say that an identity crisis occurs when a person fails to achieve ego identity during their adolescence. I like to think that Barbie is just in a very prolonged Fugue State. A Fugue State is where a person loses their identity for whatever length of time and their personality, memories, and other identifying characteristics just kind of go away in a reversible amnesia. When someone is in a Fugue State they usually travel or wander somewhere entirely new and establish an entirely new identity. Barbie is everywhere all over the world with a different identity in each individual location. Her identity is new in each place and her personality is given to her and the memories attached to her are unique to each person she belongs to. The whole brand of Barbie is that she’s basically a young girl’s best friend and her identity is what the owner wants it to be and this helps a child develop their own identity. Most girls playing with dolls make them similar to themselves or maybe make them what they wish they were like or want to be like when they get older. Barbie is given whatever personality and imaginary life a child chooses and that’s it. But there’s that one Barbie that is on all of the boxes, talks in all of the videos, and even has a Twitter account. This is the original Barbie with the real personality and the primary identity. All of the other Barbies around the world are her in a Fugue State. When those dolls are forgotten about or outgrown by their owners who have established their own identities through assigning one to their toy, the Fugue State is over but the original Barbie can not recall the memories during that time or the identity that was assigned to her. This is just a weird idea I came up over the past couple of days since we got this directive. I’m not sure how much sense it makes but Fugue States are actually real and one of the most fascinating mental illnesses I’ve ever read about.