38: The ID

by sallyirene

(made by me and photo by me)

So the directive of “The ID” immediately made me think of work. I’m a pharmacy technician and the most important thing is making sure all of the information about a patient is correct. If you have the wrong information then you might have the wrong patient. If you don’t have all the information then you might have missed an allergy for a patient that won’t be caught by the system and then the patient will get sick or worse. When you sell a prescription, you ask for their name and their address and if it’s a drug people really like such as Percocet or Adderall, you have to see their license and copy down all their information again. Knowing people’s identities is basically the number one priority at work so I deal with it 30 to 35 hours every single week. I leave work knowing more about strangers than is probably healthy. I know people’s social security numbers, where they live, and what’s wrong with them. Sometimes I know things about strangers that they’re family doesn’t even know because they’re embarrassed or scared or ashamed. So with that, thinking about identity, I thought of pill vials because the labels on them give all their basic information such as their name and address and then detailed directions on how to take the pills in the bottle. Then I started to think about giving the pill bottles a little bit of their own identity. Giving each vial something that identifies them from the rest can make them easier to identify. Another thought is that people may use the vials for other things beside pills afterwards. So then I was thinking about decorating the drams and one way to do this is to bejewel each vial. With the vials looking a little bit more fun and fancy it will be easier to know which one is which but it also makes a daily routine more interesting and maybe easier to do. This relates to the Barbie brand because it’s making something simple and boring more interesting and a little bit glamorous.