32: Catalyst

by sallyirene


(drawing by me, letter clippings from magazines, arranged by me)

So here is the first part of the little zine I’m making. This page is about the issue of sizeism in today’s society and the issues surrounding women and their weight. Barbie is not even remotely a close representation of the average woman. She would be considered anorexic if she were to be a real woman and her throat would actually only be able to hold her trachea or her esophagus.  Breathing or eating, pick one girlfriend (I have a good guess). A majority of women have this ridiculous expectation in their mind of what they “should” look like and it’s pretty close to Barbie almost every time. In reality, you can’t look like that. Diets don’t work. Exercising constantly can only take you so far. Fat people are fat and it’s nobody’s fucking business but theirs. No one actually cares about a fat person’s health when they criticize them, they’re just pissed off that they’re fat and even worse if they’re content with it. You can’t tell if someone is healthy by the way they look. You don’t have any idea what health issues a person does or does not have just by putting them on a scale or comparing them to what you think looks “good” and “normal.” Fat people can be beautiful and healthy and everything that anybody else can be. Stop being an asshole.