28: Neptune

by sallyirene

(made and photographed by me)

Neptune → space → solar system → planets → size → massive → shape → circle → round → body → stomach → fat → Barbie → belly → round objects → seasonal → Halloween → pumpkin

The shape of the planet Neptune inspired me to change the shape of Barbie which is really cliché and done but instead of just making her fat I just replaced her entire midsection with a pumpkin. I carved out the inside of the pumpkin and then popped off all of Barbie’s limbs and attached them. Her head is still attached to her body and I just stuck it all the way through the pumpkin. It’s really weird to me because the pumpkin is the exact same height as her actual plastic torso. Her legs seem so disproportional and weird when her abdomen is a pumpkin but in reality, they’re just as disproportionate to her original plastic body. Barbie now has a change of body shape but is also pretty creepy to go along with the holiday spirit.