12: Quintessence

by sallyirene

  • Lightening Cream – $30
  • Developer – $18
  • Chi Oil – $20
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – $35
  • Demi Color Toner – $8
  • Hair Tools – $14

I am a natural brunette but have been bleaching my hair platinum blonde for almost 5 years now. Staying blonde is not easy and it is super expensive. I have my roots done on average once a month and wash my hair only once a week and condition and do treatments around 3 times a week. To buy all of the products i need to do my hair I spend a total of $125 in one trip to the store. All of these products are necessary maintenance to stay Barbie bleached blonde without my hair looking like fried hay. My developer, shampoo, conditioner, and chi oil lasts for maybe 3 months and 1 tube of lightening cream lasts barely 2 sessions. So on average I spend $292 a year on developer, chi oil, shampoo and conditioner and I spend $96 a year on demi color toner and $180 a year on lightening cream. This totals $568 a year on these products alone. Add in the other items I buy for upkeep I would say I spend about $650 a year on hair products. My sister is a cosmetologist so I do not have to pay to get my hair done, if I did go to a salon once a month it would be on average $75 each time. This would add $900 to my annual hair budget. This puts me at spending around $1,550 a year for no other reason than to be bleach blonde.

With this money I could instead:

  1. Pay 1/3 of a semester of college at VCU
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Purchase 6,200 packets of Ramen Noodles
  4. Feed 31 children in Africa for a year
  5. Invest it
  6. Fill my Jeep up with gas 28 times which would last 9 months
  7. Buy a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese every day for a year
  8. Buy 8 sheep for a needy rural family
  9. Plant 1,000 trees in American forests
  10. Buy 2,657 cans of PBR